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[VIDEO] Amy Morrow: What if center is everywhere? | Entrevista de Pilates Postural

En esta extraordinaria entrevista Amy Morrow nos comparte su perspectiva sistémica del centro, no como un lugar fijo sino como punto de interacción donde se da y recibe información.

Disfruta de las notas transcritas y el video en inglés a continuación:

Amy Morrow. Teacher. Collaborator. Director and Founder of the Theorists, movement platform for dance performing and tools for movement.

Concept of the center.

Theorist logo open chackra. Open center. Come and go. Give and receive.

Nice fluidity to the idea of having an open center like an open door.

Work whith a lot of questiones.

Make the body more available, to connect deeper with each other, to oneself and to the environment.

The idea of center is. We start with questions.

What if? Enthusiasm the eternal beginner.

What if there´s no center? What if alignment is everywere? 

Whats the center of the universe, a reference of home, connect to a certain chakra center powerhouse center of home.

More than what center is, how its connected with everything. Like an open system that adjusts like a relationship flow. 

What are the engines of my fist. If you want to know what your center is try to stand in one leg for 15 minutes, or hold your arm up for a long time. You use energy all around you. 

So, what if.

What would be a shortcut to connect with center.

No shortcut. Hold your arms up for 10, 15 minutes, you can´t cheat time passing, your body will show you to where the weight is shifting.

What if my center is always moving with me, that is always in relation to where I am that is connected to you and the sun and the universe.

Center of body, organs, systems. Even like the heart that blood flows everywhere and comes back.

Pilates. Lena. Navel and groin. Find home to start. The distance of things.  And go far away from home and come back home, it keeps you coordinated.

Because life doesn´t happen on center.

What if center is everywhere. What if I´m never thrown off center. I just find how I am connected at all times. You can be your own home!

Many efficient to have many small engines than one big engine or center. Center as where information is coming and going. 

On a celullar level, many small engines rather than one big engine. Coordinated. Delicate. Listening. Humbling to be questioning what if I am not the center, what if there is no one “I”,  I am made of trillions of cells and experiences and moments: here and gone, here and gone. If I´m not fixed the its dynamic.

Can we find what center is whithout being lost? 

What if center is everywhere?

What if?

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